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Our Story

We are the leading company in the provision of services and lighting products, automation-integration and light construction systems; nationwide, with a history of 15 years, in which we have been characterized by quality and innovation in products, continuous improvement of internal processes and technology management for the benefit and satisfaction of our customers.

What We Offer

Recessed lighting & more is leading the way with custom lighting services that deliver the quality of light your home or business deserves.


We Understand Requirements

Whether you are upgrading your lighting fixtures or undertaking a complete system redesign, we can help you transform your lighting to make it work for you and your business.

We Work Precisely ​

Lighting is an important part of your business. That's why we offer customized maintenance plans to keep your lighting system always working at its best performance.

customized services

From initial design and installation to operation and maintenance, you'll find it all. You can focus on what you do best: taking care of your business.

Our Expert Team

With our professional staff we provide the best advice so that the projects comply with the required quality standards.


Professional Installers

electrician worker in uniform installing or replacing spot light lamp into ceiling

Labor Warranty


Product Expertise

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

We have the specialized staff to advise you and help you develop your lighting project.